Key features:
All the features which make the Rasch02 great, applied to the entire audible range!

The RASCH03 monitors are the flagship nearfield monitoring RaschAudio. All sound characteristics of RASCH02 here are taken to extremes by the addition of an 8 "woofer lightweight, but with generous excursion, which completes the lower range down over 30 Hz. All this in a footprint of a two monitors common ways. thanks to clever internal design and the refined crossover, the size is not a problem. Change structure, but not sound. Increase performance.

To further increase the working range, has been added a selector with 5 positions, from -2 to +2, with 0 as neutral position: this possibility of continuous selection, change the response of the mid range according to the reproduced music program. If shifted in a negative position the entire system response is more "loudness" (as it happens in cinemas or in Hi-Fi applications), if shifted in a positive position the response gains focus in the area of the most important medium frequencies (the mid-low ), increasing the user's feeling.

Tec Spec

Configuration:3-way, sealed box
Tweeter:1,5" Al sandwitch ribbon
Mid / woofer:4" Ti cone
Woofer:8” Paper / Al cone
Impedance:6 ohm
Sensitivity:88 dB @ 2.83V/1m
Frequency Response:30 - 20 000 Hz +/-3dB
Power Recommendation:> 100 W rms @ 8 Ohm
Phyisical Dimension:280L x 400H x 380P mm
Weight:18 kg
Colour:Red, Antracite, Cream White, Natural Wood

The frequency response and impedance curves will be uploaded soon.

€2'400 pair
(List Price in EUR tax included, contact us for sale prices)